Episode 1. A Very British Podcast


The very first episode of The Zeitgeist Tapes introduces our thoughts on the interplay between politics and popular culture. In the first half we discuss a range of current and recent cultural products that have had a profound influence on the way politics is viewed from The Thick of It* to The West Wing via Love Actually. 

In the second half, we discuss A Very British Coup, the 1988 drama based on a book by Chris Mullin, the left wing editor of Tribune who would then go on to become an MP and minister in the Blair government. Many of the themes of the programme are reflected in today's politics and the rise of Corbyn. This drama from nearly 30 years ago still offers a great commentary on what challenges believe they would face if they came to power. 

We'd love to hear your thoughts on what we've discussed and what we should cover in the future. Please comment below. 


*The name of Rebecca Front's character in The Thick of It is Nicola Murray.