The Zeitgeist Tapes is a new podcast brought to you by Steve Fielding, Professor of Politcal History at Nottingham University and freelance journalist and communications expert Emma Burnell.

We believe that pop culture has a great deal to say on both power and politics. From the way the soaps address issues of the day, to the way politics is framed through shows like the West Wing and the Thick of It, understanding the interplay of culture and politics is essential to understanding both. 

Each month we will discuss timely pieces of art, theatre, film, television and music, the impact they have had on politics and the impact politics has on our present cultural scene. We will also do a deep dive into a particular piece of culture relevant to the political moment. 

If you had any ideas on what we should cover please get in touch! 


Emma Burnell

Emma is a freelance journalist and communications professional as well as a pop culture addict. She has spent the last 15 years working in communcations for policy organisations including IPPR, The TUC, The National Housing Federation, NGLN and the Fabian Society. 


Professor Steve Fielding

Steve Fielding has presented documentaries on culture and politics for Radio 4, tackling subjects from New Labour to V for Vendettta and Downton Abbey, and is the author of A State of Play. British Politics on the Screen, Stage and Page, From Anthony Trollope to The Thick of It (2014). He is also Professor of Political History at the University of Nottingham.

He curated the 'New Dawn? The 1997 general election' exhibition at the People's History Museum and there is now an online version