Episode 4. The Podcast of It

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OK, We admit it - the title doesn't work so well this month. But we like the formula so we're stuck with it! 

This month we look in depth at two works from Armando Iannucci - The Thick of It and The Death of Stalin. Is he too cynical about politics or not cynical enough? 

We also discuss the unfolding dramas of the Westminster Sexual Abuse and Misogyny scandals and fall out of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. At the point the Podcast was recorded many that we now know of have not broken including regarding Kevin Spacey. This is clearly going to run on. 

The "Easter Egg" at the end is from one of Emma's favourite podcasts being nice about us. Find out more about Left of Leftfield here

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Episode 3. Our Friends on the Podcast

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This month, Emma and Steve are joined on the podcast by Jonn Elledge, Editor of the New Statesman's City Metric website. 

We discuss the recent competition the World Cup of Political TV that we hosted on Twitter and the differences between the finalist, the idealistic American drama The West Wing, and the ultimate winner, cynical British comedy The Thick of It. 

We all also discover just how old and cynical we are now by rewatching Our Friends in the North. Did we really once think that Nicky was a hero? Did we always realise how badly Mary has it? Or have we - like Eddie - become old and stale in our middle age? 

Episode 2. To Kill the Podcast

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This month, Emma and Steve look at how historical fiction is used to make contemporary political arguments, from Poldark to Dunkirk. Is it easier to persuade people - even surreptitiously - of your political argument when they're really tuning in to see Aiden Turner's chest? 

We also look at how popular culture is dealing with the age of Trump. From the late night talk shows to Saturday Night Live, there is a renewed sense of vigour in political coverage, but is it having any impact? 

We particularly focus on the new Sam Bourne (pen name of Guardian journalist Jonathan Freedland) thriller To Kill the President. As a (slightly) fictionalised Trump-like president threatens the world with nuclear Armageddon, what is the right thing to do? 

Episode 1. A Very British Podcast


The very first episode of The Zeitgeist Tapes introduces our thoughts on the interplay between politics and popular culture. In the first half we discuss a range of current and recent cultural products that have had a profound influence on the way politics is viewed from The Thick of It* to The West Wing via Love Actually. 

In the second half, we discuss A Very British Coup, the 1988 drama based on a book by Chris Mullin, the left wing editor of Tribune who would then go on to become an MP and minister in the Blair government. Many of the themes of the programme are reflected in today's politics and the rise of Corbyn. This drama from nearly 30 years ago still offers a great commentary on what challenges believe they would face if they came to power. 

We'd love to hear your thoughts on what we've discussed and what we should cover in the future. Please comment below. 


*The name of Rebecca Front's character in The Thick of It is Nicola Murray. 

Welcome to the Zeitgeist Tapes Podcast

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We believe that pop culture has a great deal to say on both power and politics. From the way the soaps address issues of the day, to the way politics is framed through shows like the West Wing and the Thick of It, understanding the interplay of culture and politics is essential to understanding both. 

Each month we will discuss timely pieces of art, theatre, film, television and music, the impact they have had on politics and the impact politics has on our present cultural scene. We will also do a deep dive into a particular piece of culture relevant to the political moment.